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The following was inspired by the Star Trek Chronology book. So when I named it Chronology, figured I would follow suit. This is also expanded on the Spoomph Universe: Zero issue which is the origin of the Spoomph Universe with bits of the never-to-be-released ShadowStrike Chronicles: The Rise and the Fall. When time permits itself, things from previous years will be added in summary form.

Roughly, 65 million years ago – A meteor entered the Earth's atmosphere and slammed into the ground. The impact shot dust and debris into the atmosphere and caused the Earth to enter the Ice Age.

1856 BC – The last of the “Gods” is seen as Hercules dies of what is believed to be old age. After centuries of no other metahuman sighting, this caused the belief that metahumans became extinct.

England 1651 – The English anatomist William Harvey mentions a strange occurrence in one he studied but could not put to words other than it was possibly the next thing for humans to become. He later reports he believes that maybe metahumans never left but possibly they still walk the Earth without even knowing it themselves. This is widely brushed away by the scientific community.

Norway 1789 – First follower joins the Church of Lord Havoc, which sat on the spot formerly known as Valhalla.

Germany 1942 – The Axis forces return from Poland with a large meteor fragment found deep underground. The origin of the meteor was unknown to the Nazis, however they discovered a portion of the meteor that caused the ice age.

Germany 1944 - Russian soldiers find their lab and capture the German scientists. The Russians destroy the lab in an attempt to bury their research forever. However, the explosion caused the metagene to reactivate in several humans around the world.

Washington DC 1956 – Dwight D. Eisenhower first enlists the regular aid of a few metahumans to help whenever normal means of law enforcement were not enough.

Washington DC 1961 – JFK starts a secret government agency of metahumans to be called ShadowStrike, mostly consisting of those who helped Eisenhower on more than one occassion. The sole purpose is to deal with metahumans who use their ability to break the laws. The group answered directly to Robert Kennedy, the Attorney General.

Washington DC 1963 – ShadowStrike saves an orphaned child named Augustus Masters. With both dead parents metahumans, they knew Augustus would one day display powers himself. Two married members of the team took him in as one of their own sons even though they had two sons Joseph and William.

Dallas 1963 – JFK is assassinated. At first it was believed a metahuman plot in retaliation for creating ShadowStrike. Later, it was proven wrong. While there were many shooters, the fatal shot came from a member of the Discord by the name of Lee Harvey Oswald.

Washington DC 1965 – LBJ orders the disbanding of ShadowStrike to send them over to Vietnam. Most refuse to go to war.

Memphis 1968 – Martin Luther King, Jr. who sought equality for everyone no matter their race, religion, or origin, was gunned down. Every member of ShadowStrike attended his funeral although remained anonymous. It is a long standing rumor that MLK was a personal friend to many members of the covert team. Added to the fact that one member is seen standing behind him during his famous “I have a dream” speech.

Los Angeles 1968 – Former Attorney General, Senator Bobby Kennedy is assassinated by Sirhan Sirhan. Sirhan was a fledgling attempting to make his way up the ranks in the Discord.

Washington DC 1968 – As an investigation probed into the possible connection LBJ had with the Discord and the involvements into the assassinations of the Kennedys and MLK, LBJ announced he would not seek re-election. His other reasoning was due to the quick movement behind protests of the Vietnam War.

Washington DC 1969 – Richard Nixon is sworn in as President of the United States. He immediately reinstates ShadowStrike. Many believed Nixon thought they would help stability in the United States while he concentrated on the Vietnam War he inherited.

Washington DC 1973 – Richard Nixon begins withdrawing troops from Vietnam.

Detroit 1974 – The Michaels family moved from Montreal when their twelve year old daughter Nicola showed her metahuman power for the first time. Nicola made a friend very quickly with another girl next door named Vanessa Travis. Nicola feared telling Vanessa about her ability in fear of losing the friend. However, Vanessa discovered a few months later she was a metahuman when her force field powers erupted. As a small building was about to collapse onto Vanessa, Nicola instinctively used her power to stop it. The friendship between the two grew to the point they considered each other as a sister.

Washington DC 1975 – A young man appears at the ShadowStrike compound and possessing the power of magnetism. Augustus Masters joins ShadowStrike while his adopted brother Joseph begins college at the University of Miami.

Miami 1975 – Augustus visits Joseph and meets one of his friends named Caroline Gordon. Augustus quickly falls in love with Caroline and they begin their relationship. Augustus also pressures Joseph to join him in ShadowStrike. Joseph becomes a member of ShadowStrike along with the youngest brother William secretly without their parents knowledge. Still in high school, William only became a reserve member however.

Dallas 1976 – William graduates high school and informs his parents he will be joining ShadowStrike.

Miami 1976 – Augustus, now the field leader of ShadowStrike, finds Caroline dead as a victim of a Discord hate crime. He goes after the ones responsible and kills them mercilessly. Attending her funeral were only family members, including her younger brother who would one day be an important figure in history.

Philadelphia 1976 – As the country celebrated the 200th birthday of the nation, Augustus continued his war on the Discord without the other members of ShadowStrike. When he was found in Philadelphia, he asked for them to join him in his war. After they all refused, Augustus turned on ShadowStrike, including his two brothers. The resulting battle left many mental scars on both sides. Augustus began to seek out a female with magnetic powers so he could produce offspring with the same powers. He learned such a phenomenon happened because his adopted family all had powers over the wind.

New York 1977 – Augustus dealt what many believed was the fatal blow to the Discord.

Oakland 1979 – As Augustus battled ShadowStrike through the Bay Area, Augustus found a female with the power of magnetism in Nicola Michaels who had just started attending Berkeley along with her best friend Vanessa. Nicola willingly agreed to go with Augustus for reasons unknown. Vanessa Travis, a metahuman as well, joined ShadowStrike.

Washington DC 1982 – Joseph Blake and Vanessa Travis marry.

Masters Island 1983 - Nicola Masters gives birth to identical twins. First born Rex survives but Christian dies due to breathing complications.

Masters Island 1985 - Nicola Masters is pregnant for the second time and gives birth to a set of twins. A few months later, the twins vanished. Augustus goes after the twins while Nicola remains on the island with her two year old son Rex.

Los Angeles 1985 - A girl is born to Edward and Robyn Cabarini who they name Jennifer.

Middle of the desert in Nevada 1986 – Augustus Masters reappears and assaults a secret military installation that he tracked down his missing children to. By the time any help arrived, Augustus had destroyed the entire installation and left.

Washington DC 1986 – With Augustus having attacks getting more frequent and deadlier each time, Joseph and Vanessa – now parents to a young son Travis – leave ShadowStrike as she is pregnant with their second child who will be named Steven Randall Blake.

Masters Island 1987 - Nicola gives birth to the fifth child that is named Aurora.

San Diego 1991 - The third child of Joseph and Vanessa Blake, their two year old daughter Erika dies in a hospital without doctors able to find a reason behind the death.

Masters Island 1992 - A young Rex Masters begins showing his metahuman powers, much to the surprise of his parents due to the fact he had not reached his tenth birthday yet.

Washington DC 1994 – Augustus arrives at the ShadowStrike compound and causes an explosion that kills the entire team plus many who worked at the compound. One such victim was Deidre Hunter, wife of General Jason Hunter and mother to Ariel.

Siberia 1994 – In a research facility, two young twins meet a third youngster for the first time by the name of Corbian. As Corbian hit it off almost immediately with the female twin, there grew an equally immediate hatred with the male twin. At the time, the twins believed they were born Natasha and Nikita Vilkas but time would prove otherwise.

Boston 1995 – Jason Hunter wins a government contract to handle the metahumans. His company, Hunter Enterprises, begins work on an android force that is dubbed the Metahunters.

Okinawa 1996 - A young Jai Cabarini begins her training under Master Taro of the Kobura.

Masters Island 1998 - The first attack by the Metahunters on the island. The only battle scar on record to date belongs to Aurora, the sole member of the family not to have shown powers at the time.

Moscow 1999 – Ivan Vilkas leaves the research facility in Siberia with 13-year old twins nephew Nikita and niece Natasha. They are attacked at the airport by Gregor. The twins are taken back to the research facility while Ivan is taken elsewhere where he eventually is poisoned with Dark Shadow.

Siberia 1999 - A special force known as Team Omega led by then-Captain Sage attempted to rescue the two teenage twins. However, the twins with Nikita in particular once released did not require the aid. Believed to have lost the final family member in their uncle, they were "adopted" by Yuri Smirnoff.

2003 - After 13 years, the Human Genome Project, with contributions from all over the world, concludes which was the first to fully isolate what gene is now called the metagene, the source of some humans developing metahuman abilities. However, work continues to find out how it determines what each person can do or if it will even be active.

The Near Future - Newly elected President Gordon orders the shutdown of the Metahunters after a televised attack on a holiday shopping crowd in Toronto which resulted in the death of many. He also ordered the creation of a new team of metahumans called StormStrike. Former ShadowStrike support staff member, Kurt Wade is ordered to be the director. There is also a great similarity between the metahuman the androids killed that day and the powerhouse that appeared at the very same spot two years later going by the name of Tremor.