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Issues in arc:
StormStrike #4
StormStrike #5
Hammer & Dark Force #1
StormStrike #6

Synopsis: The twins before they discovered their true identities were sent secretly to the United States to prevent the release of a plague. Unknown to them, the U.S. had a new team of metahumans working for the law. The two forces collided as the twins believed at first that StormStrike was trying to stop them from completing the mission.
This arc marked the first ever meeting between StormStrike and the twins.


Issues in arc:
StormStrike #13
StormStrike #14
StormStrike #15
StormStrike #16

Synopsis: The Metahunters returned and began attacking metahumans. But this also marked another "return" as Tremor appeared as well. StormStrike was caught between the irresistible force and the immovable objects as Tremor unleashed her fury.
This arc was the arc where Tremor destroyed the Toronto area by dropping a mountain range on it.


Issues in arc:
StormStrike #17
StormStrike #18
StormStrike #19

Synopsis: The twins are sent to take on Lord Havoc (from StormStrike #12). However unknown to them, Corbian already killed Havoc and taken his place. One of the twins joins Corbian against the other briefly. Mike Jenkins took an injury and Nathan Masters, then known as Nikita Vilkas replaced him in StormStrike briefly.
This arc was to mark the one year anniversary of Harbinger of Death by bringing back the twins as more than a cameo.


Issues in arc:
Dark Force #1
StormStrike #22
StormStrike #23
StormStrike #24

Synopsis: The Discord begins an assault on StormStrike. At first they try to recruit a distraught Talia Masters into their ranks believing her neutralizing power would be more than enough to ensure success. However, kidnapping someone she thinks of as a sister proved to be a mistake. She headed to the U.S. to bring back her brother but when she arrived the StormStrike Compound was under attack. They were forced to abandon the Compound and eventually ended up on Masters Island. A battle took place on the island that resulted in the death of Mike Jenkins. And Travis Blake pursued the one responsible and was believed to be killed as well.
This arc is where Nathan and Talia were revealed to be the twin children of Augustus and Nicola Masters believed to be dead.


Issues in arc:
StormStrike #45
StormStrike #46
StormStrike #47

Synopsis: A being known as Lord Omega that wasted several cities including San Francisco and Houston battles Jai, Talia, Nathan, Aurora, and Steven. During the encounter with Jai, she burns off his garb to find the face of Travis Blake. Travis was in fact replaced in his own body by Lord Omega. With the aid of Erika Blake now called Genesis and Tremor, Travis Blake was able to regain his body and Lord Omega was returned to Genesis' realm where he is imprisoned.
This arc revealed that Tremor and Genesis know each other. In fact, Genesis made reference to Tremor being her former apprentice.


  • The StormStrike issues 25 through 44 were unofficially known as the "Storm's End" arc. However, because it lasted so long it's now being called the Storm's End Era.