Since 2003, Spoomph Version 2 has been proud to present you with a source of new metahuman fiction! But now after almost 8 years, it has become time for a major reboot. With such a major reboot happening, even the URL is changed.

So why the reboot? It’s simple. One was technical due to needing to change in software as the old one was left behind in the technology world. The day came when going to the support site for the software had up a notice it will be down for months. Time to move on. That’s the short answer.

The longer detailed answer is there is much the old series had that after years of doing it (almost 8 years), there were stories that should have been done differently. Many of the same characters will remain. Some will only be in name only while others will be exactly the same. Take for instance the members of the StormStrike support staff will be pretty much the same more or less. The main characters are all being redone.

Even the premise on their abilities will be slightly different. That will not be given away right now.

With the new software move, you will now have greater access to back issues.  So you will be able to follow a storyline from the beginning.

Therefore the “new” Spoomph will be more for archive purposes than anything. As the original stories are being adapted to the new software. There is a possibility that the unreleased next issue will also appear. No promises though.