New Site Evolution

LEGACY PSI Verse Origins

I have changed web host and due to this, there will be changes here at Spoomph. First to get the technical out of the way. The site now has a secure version. Just need to type in https instead of http. This also applies on the sister site psiverse and any others. One of the main reasons I made the change.

Now the site content. The old stories which were over 50 issues that ran here will slowly return. I still have the hard original copies which have most of what was here. How I did things is I’d write them offline in case of internet issues then upload them. And then did minor edits online as I format them. I do have backups of the database but that obsolete software doesn’t seem to easily import to another modern software. Something I also tried to wait on but never happened.

With the change, that old software I used hadn’t been updated in forever. It was abandoned. The module I used for the stories wasn’t updated even before that. So I always considered moving to a different program but just never got around to it.

So for now, I put the stories that appeared on here which was going to be the reboot.

This site which started over a decade ago, name inspired by a person from a now defunct TV channel and started out as a page spotlighting said TV channel has went through a lot of changes. This is the next stage in it’s evolution.

May and that is a MAY, when I get done with the return of the stories that elusive next issues will also appear. But the story arc that was just starting when that obsolete software had issues was going to take the stories back to the very beginning. So people who read from day one would see there was an easter egg back then. Subtle but it was there.